About Us

Augustine Acevedo started Horseshoe Farms back in 1967 selling all types of hay and grain in small quantities.
He moved upstate from the Bronx in 1966, and started the company out of his back yard in the small town of Pomona, NY.
The company is now being run in Monroe, NY by his son, Mario Acevedo, and two grandsons Chris and Blake Acevedo.
Horseshoe Farms is a family operated company dedicated to pleasing our valued customers by offering only the highest quality products and customer service.
We stand behind our products and services with the family name, and though we can sell you just one load of hay – our goal is to establish a lasting relationship and be your life long hay guys.

At Horseshoe Farms you will find a family that is experienced in all different types of hay, shavings and livestock feed. We take a great pride in the family business and want nothing more than to keep you and your horses happy!

For more information please call us at (845) 629-6652